Event Photography


Produce instant memories by providing AIM's photo keychains, frames, and magnets at special events.

Instant Memories


Capture and deliver memories instantly using AIM products.



Use keychains and magnets to display and advertize your events and business.

Product Line Enhancement


Add AIM Photo keychains, magnets, and frames to your current product line or include with your other products to create top sellers.

Insert Design


Keychains and magnets may be personalized to a specific event with an insert. Inserts may be designed by you or pre-assembled in our product when you order.



Use blank AIM magnets and frames to insert your message or buy them ready to sell!

AIM Photo keychains and magnets produce additional revenue in amusement parks, fairs, cruise ships, sporting events, dances/proms, fundraising, marathons/5K, promotions, corporate events, and more. 

About Us

AIM Photo Industries designed and manufactured the original photo keychain "KC-2" in 1988 for use with instant film systems. Since then, our commitment to providing methods of producing additional event revenue has never wavered. We understand that the photo products offered for sale to your customers must be of the highest quality, while being quick and easy to assemble. AIM Photo Industries is the manufacturer of our photo keychains, magnets, and frames. We cater to all market demands, regardless of size. Product ships from Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, usually the same day, to ensure on-time delivery for your event. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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